Border Health Mission


All program fees and donations are tax-deductible for U.S. residents through our  sponsor.

To deliver a sustainable humanitarian and volunteer model empowering the Haitian and Dominican peoples through solidarity
  • Ship crucial humanitarian aid to the border for distribution to beneficiaries

  • Recruit volunteers from the Haitian and Dominican Diaspora living in the United States 

  • Organize multi-disciplinary delegations to travel to the impoverished communities in the border town and Bateyes

  • Make the BHM Project an instrument of educational empowerment, spiritual transformation, and community solidarity
  • The completion of Fundacion Todo Por la Salud Medical Center in Manzanillo to better serve a wider population.


 incorporated as a non-profit since the 1990’s, organized a healthcare provider team and a food distribution project in the area.

  • Free Primary Medical Care

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Education

  • ​Street Theater Training to Low-Income Adults and Children From Border Towns and Bateyes.
  • ​Expand the Network Within and Outside the Island Into a Self-Sustainable Model Within the Medical and Healing Professions.

Our Objectives:

Our Mission:


Our local volunteers always consist of highly motivated individuals committed to their community who are responsible ...

  • Healing

  • Counseling

  • Sustainable Arts and Crafts

Our Vision:

A collective consisting of organizations, healthcare professionals and providers, social service professionals, human rights advocates, community activists, spiritual healers, artists, and students from the Dominican and Haitian Diaspora in the United States; to expand the limited direct medical care, social services and empowerment for current and prospective beneficiaries through our second Border Health Mission Project (BHM) to the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Our Goals: