Continue to support families our Families in Haiti. Your Generositiy makes it possible to at least have one meal per day and medical care for each family.


Our Goal is to raise $10,000 dollar to provide 500 families in Anse-A-Pitre and other parts of  Haiti with food security and medical care for 5 months 

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FUNTOSALUD International

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Our Mission:

Deliver a sustainable humanitarian and solidarity model empowering marginalized Afro-descendant generations by providing quality wellness, holistic and conventional healthcare through volunteerism and generosity.

Our Vision:

An instrument of educational empowerment, spiritual transformation, and solidarity by providing free primary medical care, food distribution, humanitarian aid, workshops, healing arts, advocacy, mindfulness/yoga, and street theater to disenfranchised children and families in the Dominican-Haitian border and Bateyes as well as the implementation of holistic wellness programming to the diasporas in the United States.

Our Goals

  • Develop empowering anti-discrimination and anti-prejudicism popular education visuals for DR/Haiti Borderlands and Sugar Cane field communities (Bateyes).

  • Expand the network into a self-sustainable model in the medical, educational and healing fields.

  • Implement a variety of healing modalities, including yoga and mindfulness for women and children; also train local individuals to sharpen their healing skills and become professional healers.

  • Implement viable and Sustainable micro-economic projects to economically empower local women and men.

Why the DR/Haiti border?

The Haitian-Dominican border region, an impoverished area most often neglected and overlooked, serves as a site for daily trade activities, which generate substantial revenues that ironically, never reach the people who inhabit the nearby towns. These borderline villages are hubs for individuals from both sides of the island, who come to search for employment to improve their inhumane life conditions. Theses communities are racked by hunger, maternal and neonatal mortality, as well as, chronic bacterial and parasitic diseases; most of which can be prevented by regular healthcare, immunizations, prevention & educational services. Unfortunately, these towns lack sufficient resources to provide its residents with this necessary primary medical attention and other basic needs. 

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Our Next Border HealTH Mission:

Border Health Mission to Haiti and the Dominican Republic has been postponed, please be advise that a new date will be posted later.