The Beginning: Border Health Mission

The “ Border Health Mission” to the Dominican-Haitian border was the First Humanitarian Relief and Solidarity Effort organized by Dominican and Haitian Volunteers from all encompassing practices and expertise from the United States. This multidisciplinary and cross-cultural initiative has developed into a comprehensive humanitarian social delivery service and solidarity building project; benefiting thousands of Haitians and Dominicans living in impoverished rural communities and Bateyes around the Dominican Republic and Haitian Border. The victims of the 2010 earthquake became the first priority of our Second Border Health Mission. The Border Health Mission (BHM) initiated in 2008 by converging into a single project, the medical and empowerment operatives of FUNTOSALUD, a non-profit humanitarian institution, in the Dominican Republic and Haiti’s most impoverished Border and Bateyes communities since 1990 with the solidarity work from the Haitian and Dominican Columbia University students in New York. In 2009, the BHM team established FUNTOSALUD International, a non-profit organization with 501(c) (3) status, as an independent branch of FUNTOSALUD in the Dominican Republic within the United States.

Funtosalud International through its Border Health Mission (BHM), in collaboration with Fundación Todo Por La Salud (FUNTOSALUD) in the Dominican Republic have been organizing volunteer-led humanitarian missions to the Dominican and Haiti borderlines towns since 2008. The border is an impoverished region most often neglected and ignored  by both  the media and the two governments.