Background History

The FUNTOSLAUD International's "Border Health Mission" (BHM) originated in 2008 as a grassroots project between Dominican and Haitians in the Diaspora looking to give back to their native communities through humanitarian services during a whole week of community service. BHM to the Dominico-Haitian border is a collaborative humanitarian relief and solidarity initiative in conjunction with FUNTOSALUD (Foundation All for Health) in the Dominican Republic.

This multidisciplinary/bi-cultural collaborative, both a humanitarian initiative and a solidarity-building project, gave birth to FUNTOSALUD International a project aimed to provide comprehensive social services to impoverished communities through empowerment and solidarity methods to elevate their overall quality of life.


This new initiative was created to augment the efforts already being provided by FUNTOSALUD and in addition provide technical training for local community members interested in preventative health and education. We work with our sister organization in the Dominican Republic which provides the space and track record, this allows us to travel for short periods of time, and with minimal time for adjustment and planning geton with the week long program of service and activities.

FUNTOSALUD (DR) was established as a humanitarian non profit organization in 1990. Since then Dr. Maritza Jimenez and a team of volunteer doctors and community activists have been organizing medical operatives in rural border towns, bateyes and impoverished communities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. During these medical operatives, Dr. Maritza provides free medical services, food, medicine and donations open to anyone in the community.


FUNTOSALUD International is composed of students, professionals, civic and human rights groups - collaborating in the development of a strong bi-cultural alliance to carry out proactive work plans such as a yearly Border Health Mission on the island and national humanitarian and solidarity caravan in the United States, medical facility development along the border towns of DR/Haiti, cultural delegations, and academic and grassroots dialogue projects, youth exchange programs, a documentary project, and other socioeconomic and cultural development projects for sustainability, social capital promotion, as well as to expose the richness of this region’s folklore and peoples.


A partnership between FUNTOSALUD and Haitian and Dominican descendants from the US Diaspora created the Annual Border Health Mission Project and in 2008 established FUNTOSALUD International in the United States. This multidisciplinary initiative looks to make this humanitarian and solidarity project empowering and sustainable through the expertise and dedication of professional volunteers who travel to the Haitian-Dominican border towns and Bateyes.