The Border Health Mission (BHM) initiated in 2008 converged into a single project, a medical and social services contingent bringing the most basic services to the northern border towns of Haiti and the Dominican Republic in collaboration with of FUNTOSALUD (Organization all for health) in the Dominican Republic, a non-profit humanitarian institution providing quality healthcare and medicines to the most vulnerable communities along the border and Bateyes since 1990. Along with the solidarity shown by Haitian and Dominican students from Columbia University in New York, community organizer and activists. The first Border Health Mission made an impact and generated the momentum for the idea of a non-profit organizations to be born in the United States. Two years later, FUNTOSALUD International, a non-profit institution with 501(c) (3) status in the United States, was established as an independent branch of FUNTOSALUD in the Dominican Republic.

The “ Border Health Mission '' to the Dominican-Haitian border is the first Humanitarian Relief and Solidarity effort organized by Dominican and Haitian diaspora in the United States in partnership with local Haitiand and Dominican professionals in the island. 


This multidisciplinary and cross-cultural initiative has developed into a comprehensive humanitarian social delivery service and solidarity building project; benefiting thousands of Haitians and Dominicans living in marginalized rural communities and Bateyes around the Dominican Republic and Haitian Border. During the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, FUNTOSALUD in the Dominican Republic and FUNTOSALU International mobilized the biggest volunteer team with professionals from a wide array of expertise from Medical doctors to Social workers to holistic practitioners. We traveled to the northern border towns and later that week the contingent from the border joined forces with the other volunteers in Port-au-Prince to deliver the services people needed so much to thousands of earthquake victims.​​